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We are breaking a WORLD RECORD!

Wanna be a part of it???

From 8:00am, Wednesday, August 7 
12:00pm, Sunday, August 11

100 hours of Acoustic Livestreaming!

The previous record is 26 hours and 18 minutes

WE are going for 100 HOURS!

We will have artists booked around the clock in HOUR SLOTS

The Stevie Wonder Fulfillingness First Finale Tributes that week will be built in to the the marathon event. Tickets are these concert on the normal concert prices and will be the only dinner/meal events

***Anyone who has tickets for the Stevie Concerts get first choice to attend the previous slot (5:45pm) for free. They will receive a code to reserve those seats***

In the mornings we'll have coffee, muffins, juice

Lunchtime concerts...bring your own food!

Also, you can bring your own food to any time slot

Also, think of the $20 admission as more of a suggestion donation, however, if you want to guarantee your seat, particular in the daytime and evening concerts that might get filled, it's best to pay reserve your seats ahead of time. Many of the daytime slots WILL GET FILLED.

The livestream will be FREE

If there are any concerts that have low attendance you may show up at the door and donate whatever you want. We will have realtime updates during the marathon on availability for each concert slot

A list of artists performing will be listed soon. Many have already committed!

More details and we get closer!


Get your tickets!

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